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Reminder: Adherence to Community Rules (Especially Rule 13)


Dear Members,

A quick reminder to ensure our community remains organized and efficient:

Follow All Rules: While all our community rules are important, we're currently emphasizing compliance with Rule 13: Accurate Topic Naming. This rule is essential for maintaining clarity and ease of navigation.

Key Points:

Rule 13 - Topic Names: Ensure your topic names accurately reflect their content. Incorrectly named topics will be removed.

All Rules Matter: Besides Rule 13, remember to adhere to all our community guidelines. These rules are crafted to ensure a positive and productive environment for everyone.

Non-Compliance: Failure to follow these rules, especially Rule 13, may lead to the removal of your topic or other actions as per our guidelines.

Need Help? If you have questions about the rules or need assistance, please reach out.

Let's work together to keep our community a great place for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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