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General Rules:

In general, please bear in mind the following regulations that pertain to most commercial games (the "Application"), and which it NOT allowed on our forum:

Prohibited Actions: Users are not allowed to engage in activities related to cheats, automation software, bots, hacks, mods, or any unauthorized third-party software in connection with the application.

Commercial Use: Users cannot use, reproduce, or distribute the Application for commercial purposes.

Actions Leading to Violation: Users should not provoke or encourage actions that violate the Application's terms of use and the User Agreement.

Additional Rules:

  1. No Sharing of Illegal Content: Publicly sharing illegal content is prohibited, and consequences may be enforced.
  2. No Warez Discussion: The forum does not support discussions related to cracks, hacks, or illegal activities.
  3. Respect Others: Users are expected to treat others with respect and not engage in harmful behavior.
  4. No Unauthorized File Uploads: Users should not upload files that belong to others.
  5. Politeness: Users are encouraged to be polite and respectful to others.
  6. No Adult Content: Posting explicit content is not allowed.
  7. Seek Help Politely: When seeking assistance, users should post in the appropriate forums and ask nicely, but rule search first and then ask later is apply.
  8. Show Gratitude: If you receive help from someone, it's considered polite to thank them.
  9. Avoid Contacting Senior Members: Users are discouraged from contacting senior members via PM for help.
  10. English language is a requirement for communication on the forum to ensure better understanding among users from different countries. Use of other languages is not allowed on the forums!
  11. Do not share any commercial 3D models or discuss it
  12. Don't reply to threads here asking for help, by telling the person to join the Discord (or any other website/service) for a tool or script or whatever; instead post a publicly-accessible link or a copy of the script, or directly include the relevant tool as an attachment to your post, but preferably use our Downloads system instead.
  13. Before you create a topic in the forums Game Modding, please ensure you name it correctly! For example, [PC] GameName or at least Name of the STUDIO could also work. No generic names are allowed. All topics not following these rules will be removed.
  14. If you receive assistance from members here or on the Discord server, please reciprocate by sharing tools and knowledge in the designated section and ensure that you mark the topic as SOLVED.

The rules state that non-compliance with these regulations can lead to instant banning or account deletion. Users are advised to adhere to the rules to avoid consequences.

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