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Hello. I would like to share with you my private tutorial links collection. These are
useful topics from Xentax, Zenhax and any other reverse engineering related sites that
I was able to find in the Internet. I have put them into categories.
You may encounter situation when one tutorial fits to few categories, but it is placed
only in the category that it fits most. Also, you may encounter tutorials with "[PL]" mark,
these are tuts in Polish language. If you don't understand this language, just skip them.

Also be aware that I haven't read/watch some of these tutorials yet, so I can't recommend you
which tutorial is the best choice, sometimes I'm still learning new things just like you
and on this list you may find tuts that are not very useful for you, so don't blame
me for that.¬† ūüôā Just pick your favourite category and start learning.
If you are complete newbie, I would recommend to start with tuts from category
"Basic knowledge".

If you have any other good source of knowledge, you can write a comment below
and I will update this tutorials collection.

Also remember that those links may be dead some day, so don't blame me for that
and just make a copy for private use¬† ūüôā

So that's it. Enjoy.¬† ūüėĄ

Links to tutorials:

Basic knowledge / Archive extraction
    - Definitive Guide To Exploring File Formats
    - MultiExCommander Manual
    - What is a File Format?
    - Let's MultiEx
    - MultiEx Commander 4.5 YouTube tutorials
    - MexScript Documentation
    - Analyzing and Reverse Engineering a Game Archive
    - Key points to successful hex reading
    - Running a command-line tool on all the files of a directory and sub-folders (batch)
    - Overview of game file formats and archives
    - REWiki - Reverse engineering hints
   - REWiki - Links to reverse engineering resources
   - HOWTO-Reverse Engineering


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$1000, $500 upfront

I'm offering $1000 ($500 upfront before doing anything) to anyone who can help me with ff4
paypal only.

Console: PlayStation Portable (Testing with PPSSPP temp.)

Game: FINAL FANTASY IV: The Complete Collection

Patch EBOOT.BIN to read/write/access unpacked+decompressed files only (I've already unpacked PAC1.bin, and every single .LZS archive and decompressed every compressed .TM2 image and manually properly named every individual file to correctly match the file name access from EBOOT.BIN). Ignore data from both 'Interlude' and 'The After Years' entirely

Allow importing higher resolution TM2 textures.

Create a TM2 texture plugin exporter for paint.net for new textures in format RGBA16161616.

Use fake syscall/syscall to change game's rendering resolution directly from the in-game config setting. PRX module compiler sdk available for plugins

Change game's framerate to 160.

Edit in-game spell/magic animations with Effekseer

Change the old Text Dialog Window (that covers half the screen in game) into a simple speech dialog bubble.

GUI tool editor editing basics: Character Stats/Equipment/Monsters/Text strings

Battle UI/Menu element editor

Decompile/recompile event script event\script.bin only (C-like syntax)
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Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off it with new additions.

$1000, $500 upfront, paypal only

$500 upfront for help for an exclusive single modding tool just for me.
Payment: Paypal only.

Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off that one.

Discord: derricktri

Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off it with new additions.

$1000, $500 upfront, paypal only

Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off it with new additions.

$1000, $500 upfront, paypal only

Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off it with new additions.

$1000, $500 upfront, paypal only

Still open and ready now

Looking for one to RE an existing tool editor and build off it with new additions.

$1000, $500 upfront, paypal only

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge uses some version of DirectX .x in binary which has been presumably compressed.

This was previously nearly cracked, but not completely, on Xentax many years ago...completely lost now.

The 2001 prototype uses the uncompressed version of the .x format, which also isn't yet reversed... I've included both 2001 prototype and 2003 .x formats in hopes they can be understood. The 2001 version is prefixed as such, and contains the original source (maya binary) that the .x was presumably compiled from - in hopes it could be used for referencing how the .x should look. My hopes are the 2001 .x can be used to help further refine the 2003 .x reversing, and make sure it's more accurate

As a side note the AirplaneHR_Devastator comes from a pre-release build. It's possible there's still some differences from the retail .x format, though unlikely, given the time between the build and release.

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Hello friends! I want to edit the language of the PS4 version of Marvel's Spiderman Remastered. There are people who made the PC version, but does anyone know how it will be for PS4?
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I need help to identify the global header and all offset header for languages and their respective positions to create the repacker.
I've looked a lot, but I can't identify them. Below are the initial positions of the English texts that I used to export the texts.


File: SCENARIO_DLC_000.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 109584
File: SCENARIO_DLC_001.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 115440
File: SCENARIO_DLC_002.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 111744
File: SCENARIO_DLC_003.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 119376
File: SCENARIO_DLC_005.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 119536
File: SCENARIO_DLC_007.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 107504
File: SCENARIO_DLC_008.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 117744
File: SCENARIO_DLC_009.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 114624

I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with this detail.

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Hello! I'm looking to find someone who'd be willing to help me extract an archive format and make tools for Noesis that can load models and animations from the same game.

The game in question is Trapt, also known as Kagero 2: Dark Illusion, also known as Deception IV, its a game for the Playstation 2, made by TECMO and more specifically by the developers of Project Zero/Fatal Frame. Its very likely to be running on the same game engine.

I did a bit of digging and discovered the file formats in question, as well as what appear to be skeletal data for either animations or models, with the bone names being in japanese.

I posted this on the discord but figured I'd post here as well. I'm willing to negotiate price for this, but serious inquiries only please!
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I'm gonna share my findings about spiderman 2, 3 and wolverine assets here. So far I made a few first tools for archives. I have a list of assets present and now comparing them. Here some examples:

Heres what i found so far:

Spiderman 2 (official release v1.05) has about 400k assets. And its the first game of theirs with no names in archive. But luckily we have a list of names in ...

Spiderman 3 early build, which also has about 400k assets, with names, but a little different. It has about 300 new assets, and missing about 3000 old ones. So it looks like for some first tests of SM3 they removed most of the map or something, and started adding some new models and map parts. I can see it comparing the lists.

Wolverine has only 39k assets built, as everybody know probably, its just a little part of new game for tests.

Now i'm gonna dump some models and make tools to convert them.

Progress details on discord.
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Heya, currently trying to figure out how to open these renditions of .gr2 (Granny 3D) Files, I cannot open them in Granny Viewer as I get the error: CRC Check failed, File may be corrupted.

Is there any way to open this?
Example file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5mojrmytaix1sdt/gunstringer.gr2/file
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w: 1024 ofs: 72

h: 512 ofs: 88

just a quick look. inside the file there is the word ‚Äúswizzle‚ÄĚ, I don‚Äôt know which one exactly, I chose PS2 as an example, the bpp is clearly 16 bits. (I chose a random format r5g6b5 for example) *(the rest is up to you)

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