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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 DLC Files

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I need help to identify the global header and all offset header for languages and their respective positions to create the repacker.
I've looked a lot, but I can't identify them. Below are the initial positions of the English texts that I used to export the texts.


File: SCENARIO_DLC_000.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 109584
File: SCENARIO_DLC_001.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 115440
File: SCENARIO_DLC_002.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 111744
File: SCENARIO_DLC_003.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 119376
File: SCENARIO_DLC_005.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 119536
File: SCENARIO_DLC_007.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 107504
File: SCENARIO_DLC_008.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 117744
File: SCENARIO_DLC_009.bin - Header (english texts): Decimal 114624

I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with this detail.

PS.: I can extract the texts, but not doing the right way to do this. I cannot repack because i don't know where is the header offsets of all languages texts. When i repack with positions i know, the game crash. So it's right to say i need help to extract and repack And my English isn't that good yet, so I apologize for the misunderstanding. (editado)

PS².: To extract the texts today, I basically pass the offsets of the headers of the English texts, but since I haven't found the header of all the languages, I can't recalculate the header of the other languages and the title and description of the mission at the bottom.


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Well it's in the header


0x19060 is ENG, 0x2BC10 is FRA, 0x3EC40 is ITA, etc

But language files are also structures with different blocks, which relative offsets and sizes are stored in the header, so you will need to change it too.

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