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Dragon quest Heroes I and II for nintendo switch (english port)

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Would anyone like to help with the project to port the English translation of Dragon Quest Heroes to Switch? I managed to extract part of the files from linkdata.bin and now I have numerous .dat and some .gt1 files that I managed to extract and obtain the game's textures. However, I need help from someone more experienced with Koei Tecmo games to move forward.

A little context:

The game was never localized into English on the Nintendo Switch, in addition the console has some content exclusive to this version.

Why am I trying this?

I'm Brazilian and I don't have a lot of money, whenever I have access to consoles it's through second-hand devices. I played Dragon Quest Heroes for the first time on Psvita using an incomplete translation and that made me fall in love with the franchise and today I try to play all the games I can get my hands on. I would like to localize the Switch version so that in the future these games can also serve as entrance for other players.

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