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Creating proper filenames for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on PC


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OverVored and I are trying to figure out how to rip the audio files from this game with proper names, since it uses the usual numbers for the names and there is not a soundbanksinfo.xml on there. We have tried a few things on the discord server on Xentax, getting there inch by inch. But we could use some extra help.

Here is what we have in the attachment:


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These instructions came from the xentax discord.

"Well me, @PCLAD1 and @ik-01 did some research on getting file names for wwise audio from binary wwise_project file for game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


wrote a .bt file that allows to properly view the wwise_project.bin in 010 Editor properly. i used wwiser app from Github to generate the .txtp for foobar2000 with Vgmstream plugin. Manually opening one of the .txtp files i found useful information. THis is how looks insides of the txtp file generated by wwiser Unfortunately, wwiser couldnt give proper real names for the .wem audio files and files stored in .bnks but it matched some useful data from wwise_project.bin Its wwise event ID and filename ID what next i did, i opened the wwise_project.bin in 010 editor using as template


.bt file and here we have a string with the event ID value and the event ID name, which used directly by ingame assets and scripts opening the .txtp file we can see it contains both WEM ID and event ID. Here is match. What left is just to find the proper .wem file and listen it to make sure we figured out everything correctly. What left to be done: unfortunately manually doing the search and matching this IDs is very time taking. The best result is to write some kind of app that can automatically match those IDs from .txtp and wwise_project.bin or make a plugin for wwiser so it can name .txtp(s) with proper event names link to the wwiser generated .txtp(s) https://mega.nz/folder/Cyx10bLZ#0cfZu-f4VUfOMsXuE5B7SQ Credits: @ParaworldFan providing info about wwise_project.bin, wwise_project.bin research, wwiser .txtp generating. @PCLAD1 providing information about audio names storage @ik-01 .bt file and research about wwise_project.bin"

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