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BBCode examples


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  • Engineer
BB Code syntax Result preview
[b]I am bold[/b]
I am bold
[i]I am cursive[/i]
I am cursive
[s]I am crossed[/s]
I am crossed
[u]I have underline[/u]
I have underline
Cubic formula is: ax[sup]3[/sup] + bx[sup]2[/sup] + cx + d
Cubic formula is: ax3 + bx2 + cx + d
Borax formulae is: B[sub]4[/sub]H[sub]20[/sub]Na[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]17[/sub]
Borax formulae is: B4H20Na2O17
[size=200]I am 2x bigger[/size]
I am 2x bigger
[size=large]I am large[/size]
I am large
[color=blue]I'm blue darididaruda[/color]
I'm blue darididaruda
[color=#7f7f7f]I'm gray but in hex[/color]
I'm gray but in hex
[url=https://www.reshax.com]Click me to return to the main board[/url]
Click me to return to the main board
[email][email protected][/email]
[email protected]
[[email protected]]Some blokes email address[/email]
Some blokes email address


[quote="Maxwell"]You can quote me on this[/quote]

You can quote me on this



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[code]int main() {
  printf("Hello, world");

int main() {
  printf("Hello, world");

Some BBCode does not work like: br, h1, h2, h3, pipes, table, img size attribute, size, bbvideo

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  • Engineer

No worries. I created this be a visual guide of what is possible here. Sorry if the last sentence seems like a pressure to fix it or criticism, it's not.

It's completely fine, if some codes don't work. I never liked BBCode much to begin with. I prefer Markdown or HTML which works here just fine, but it's hacky.

BBCode is still useful for those with preference or if someone wants to port work from other site or external editor. And that's the main reason for this topic.

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