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Hey people,

I'm a mid 30 gamer, hobby Game Dev, Professional Software Dev. I reverse engineer game assets in my spare time as an alternative to puzzles.

When it comes to reverse engineering, I'm not interested in making hacks or stealing assets or showing off, but purely in game preservation and remake purposes. So I reverse engineer either for my own purposes (OpenRA, OpenKrush, OpenE2140,...) Or for free for others who need help to start their own game remake (Emperor battle for Dune, Future Cop LAPD, Hellgate London, CNC Generals 2 Beta, ...).

I'm willing to help anyone who is dedicated enough to really get a game remake going, and I'll reject helping anyone who just want to look at stuff if it takes me more then an hour (limited time, lot of real life, already a bunch of projects to work on).

Besides that I'm always open for talk about game Dev, making engines, writing renderers.

I'm also a full time Linux user and skilled with web development as well as Linux Server Administration.

I won't be very active here, so if someone wants to contact me, write me a PM or better look me up in discord directly for a chat 🙂

Hope to see this community rising :)

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> helper tool I made once to quickly figure out the right pixel format

Yo 🧊☭. This reminds me of https://rawpixels.net/. If you ever make updates to pixelmagic:

  • A base file offset field would be useful, to skip the header bytes.
  • I originally thought the mask was broken when trying to display {blue5; green5; red5;} by typing "RRRRRGGGGGBBBBB" (guessing you're treating them as if they were a grouped word rather than increasing bitfields), but it didn't update the image, display any error, or emit any diagnostic in the developer console. Though, looking at the JS, it appeared that arbitrary bitmasks should work 🤔. Then I tried prepending an X for the ignorable MSB, which didn't work either. Finally I added a dummy "A", and it displayed 🙂. So, implicitly padding up to the current bit size or displaying an error would be useful.

Cheers 🔎

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