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SCM organization for collaboration?


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I've been a long time lurker on both previous forums (Xentax and Zenhax) and was very pleasently surprised when Reshax popped up to take the mantle. It definitely is a modern replacement with great ideas, I especially like that there is a download section for the site which replaces the plethora of links that died whenever they felt like it.

In the spirit of not repeating mistakes of the past/improvements, was wondering if either admin or members would be interested in starting an organization for collaborative coding. There are a lot of options on the market, from GitHub to GitLab, Codeberg ... what have you. There are also self hosted options like Gitea that could be integrated with the forum if privacy is a concern.

Having everything in a well organized repo with detailed readme files, for instance QuickBMS scrips would prevent sprawl and allow for easy collaboration, not to mention ease of access to all of them via a git clone/pull or simply downloading a .zip file. When going to a SaaS option, it would also reduce the hosting bill.


Sooo what are your thoughts on the above?



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