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Telltale games tranlation

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Hello. I'm looking to translate some of the telltale games but it seems that some tools are missing. ttarchext seems like it is still available from here: http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#ttarchext but does anyone keep the script for the text .landb files? Does anyone know where to find the tools that were available before or if they have a copy of them can they upload them?


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Nice, thanks. The .landb files can be converted with 1 of the tools that you send. Does anyone know how to convert the .txt files back into .landb files?

Edit: It seems like we can use TTG Tools for the text files and landb conversion. That will work. I just needed to carefully adjust the input files ­čśä That is what I was missing.

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Here are some versions of TTG Tools that I got from Xentax or ZenHax back when they were working. Not all versions of TTG Tools works on every game. TTG Tools can convert language files and edit fonts. Atleast that's what I used them for.


TTG Tools.zip

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