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PS3 Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Find/Change URL for a Private Revived Server

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Hi everyone.
Question for you all. A developer that I know named Kiwifruitdev a few months back revived the PC version Arkham Origins Online multiplayer which can be found here: https://github.com/KiwifruitDev/arkham-revived He is wanting to revive the PS3 version but we have not had any luck finding "fireteam.net" text string the URL to redirect to his servers. I have looked inside of the EBOOT.BIN and the Multiplayer MP.SELF files to avail. Only thing I found was "GetFireteamBaseURL" in the both the eboot.bin and mp.self file via HxD editor tool. I would think it must be reading the url from another file somewhere within the game.

If anyone would be interested to look into this that would be greatly appreciated. I attached a picture of the suspect files that I think where the URL may be able to changed but looks like .xxx format which neither me or kiwifruitdev are familiar with. Arkham Origins is Unreal Engine 3 game.

Over the last few years many video games on the PS3 have been privately revived with their own operating servers which is darn cool for online gaming and video game preservation.


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After looking more into this it looks like the server url may be in the COALESCED bin files, but unfortunately I don't how to open and access this filetype. If anyone may know a solution to access this file type and perhaps edit please let me know.


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Hi ikskoks. 

The user named Giga in the reshax discord helped me open these files and I think it was the same tool. Much appreciated for your response!

The other question is I think the SDENGINE.xxx could possibly have some other details regarding server url, but I'm not entirely sure. 

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