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Hello everyone.

I am ID-Daemon, the reverse engineer. I also made tools for many games.
Here's a little FAQ about that.

Q: Why your tools are so tricky?

A: I like to reverse data. But I don't really enjoy making tools. I prefer to research many games in less time, and make it possible for users to export game data. So maybe my tools are not the best or user-friendly, but they work.

Q: Why your tools use .ascii format?

A: This format is the best for me. Its very simple, easy to work with, never changing, and at the same time it still has everything needed to export models even from most recent games. Well, almost everything.

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hello. First of all, thank you for sharing your valuable talent, I came this far after seeing the TLOU2 tool you made. Can have.... Map export tool??  I'm a foreigner so I'm using a translator. 

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