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Old VGM miner reporting back

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Hey folks!

 Maybe there are still people who know me from FFShrine, XeNTaX or Zenhax around here? 👀

A couple of years have passed and I might have returned to my old hobby a bit. 40 years old now and a bit rusty when it comes to ripping naturally. 😉 Had an autism diagnosis last year (Asperger's to be precise) and pretty much everything changed from then on.

Just reporting back for now, already posted my first question in the audio format section.

Open for an AMA if anyone's interested in what I did back then or my Asperger's.

Cheers, AlphaTwentyThree

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1 minute ago, Sparagas said:

Hello and welcome back!

Because you have a lot if experience, can I suggest to make a tutorial in tutorial section about reverse engineering sound? 🙂

That's like asking a mechanic to explain what he does on a day to day basis - if he just lists what he does, you probably wouldn't understand much and if he starts explaining in detail, you'll listen to him for hours on end. 😉

I could give some general hints but almost everything is on a case-by-case basis - it always depends on the developer and the engine and can vary vastly between games and platforms. Ripping console games is generally a bit easier because of the hardware restrictions, which made building proprietary systems harder back in the day.

It probably makes more sense if somebody asks something very specific and I add it to the guide. If you're having problems with a specific game, just send a PM explaining where you're stuck and I'll see if it lends itself to be included in a guide. 🙂

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10 minutes ago, AlphaTwentyThree said:

@DKDaveWhere should I post new QuickBMS scripts for all kinds of formats I'm writing over time?

There's a scripts and utilities section on here you can post them in.  I also upload all of mine to GitHub just so I have my own archive.



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