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how to Decrypt Spirit Hunter: death mark of script


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the game is a janpan adv ,I know from other forums some ways to remove text encryption。

The basic principle is: use the code table to remove the obfuscation encryption, and then use lz to extract。

But I found that these scripts are still encrypted after the encryption is removed。

Obviously, there is a mistake in the method provided by the forum, or the code table is wrong。

Now, I'd like you to give me some ideas or methods,thanks!

File and code table attached

0xDC, 0xE6, 0x72, 0x8F, 0xF4, 0x1E, 0xC9, 0x87, 0x36, 0xD4, 0x81, 0xF2, 0x92, 0xD3, 0xCE, 0xAF,
0x52, 0xF6, 0x5C, 0xC4, 0x22, 0xBC, 0x27, 0xFB, 0x97, 0xC2, 0xED, 0xCC, 0xB8, 0x65, 0xB0, 0x79,
0x7F, 0x57, 0x07, 0x3A, 0x0E, 0x5A, 0xB7, 0x02, 0xD9, 0xD8, 0x5D, 0x9D, 0x56, 0xDF, 0x49, 0xAA,
0x2C, 0xE0, 0xDD, 0x00, 0x1A, 0x94, 0x93, 0x29, 0x59, 0xD6, 0x7A, 0x31, 0xFC, 0x3D, 0xBD, 0x41,
0x11, 0x80, 0xDE, 0x60, 0xB4, 0x3B, 0x69, 0x06, 0x6C, 0x61, 0xA1, 0x7E, 0xFA, 0x6E, 0xD1, 0xAB,
0xA2, 0x1F, 0x39, 0x83, 0xEB, 0x66, 0x2A, 0x76, 0xCD, 0xF9, 0x3F, 0x98, 0x99, 0xE5, 0xE9, 0xE7,
0x45, 0xA0, 0x85, 0x42, 0x10, 0xB6, 0x50, 0xBA, 0xFD, 0x62, 0x96, 0x14, 0x6B, 0x47, 0x15, 0xC6,
0x18, 0xA8, 0x32, 0xAD, 0x3E, 0x9C, 0x5B, 0x0D, 0x19, 0x35, 0xD7, 0xC7, 0xA9, 0x68, 0x40, 0x13,
0x75, 0x1C, 0x0F, 0x26, 0xC5, 0xDB, 0xCF, 0x53, 0x6D, 0x4E, 0xAE, 0xA7, 0x7B, 0x4B, 0x0B, 0xE3,
0x54, 0xC3, 0x3C, 0xAC, 0xB1, 0x90, 0x8E, 0xD5, 0x2E, 0x0A, 0x82, 0xB5, 0x63, 0xEF, 0xBB, 0x7D,
0x5F, 0x04, 0x73, 0xF8, 0x9B, 0xFE, 0x51, 0x21, 0xA4, 0x8D, 0x37, 0xB3, 0x17, 0x5E, 0x67, 0x77,
0xB2, 0x05, 0x7C, 0x25, 0xF0, 0x20, 0x23, 0x9A, 0x91, 0xC1, 0x9E, 0x24, 0xF5, 0xBE, 0x0C, 0xF1,
0x16, 0xA3, 0xD0, 0x4C, 0xE8, 0x28, 0xA6, 0xEE, 0x2D, 0x2B, 0x86, 0x44, 0x89, 0x2F, 0x70, 0xCA,
0x4D, 0xC8, 0x71, 0xBF, 0x46, 0xEA, 0xD2, 0x12, 0x4A, 0x88, 0x8B, 0xE4, 0x38, 0xC0, 0xF7, 0xA5,
0x58, 0x9F, 0x84, 0xEC, 0x55, 0xF3, 0x33, 0x09, 0xE2, 0x8C, 0x74, 0x6A, 0xFF, 0x08, 0x30, 0x1D,
0x78, 0x43, 0x48, 0x4F, 0x34, 0xE1, 0x95, 0xDA, 0xB9, 0x1B, 0x64, 0x8A, 0x01, 0xCB, 0x03, 0x6F


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