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Checksum 64-bit long


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I have a decrypted and decompressed game save for MLB 14 The Show from PS3. My problem is that I have no idea of the checksum algorithm this game is using. I just know that the outcome seems to be 64-bit long, appearing at the end of the file. I have tried with different algorithms but cannot find the correct one. According to me, the checksum is at the end of the decrypted and compressed files.

I am able to edit different sections of this game save, but of course, it shows a corrupted file message when trying to load it in-game as the checksum do not match.

A couple of game saves are attached for you to have a look.

By the way, the PS Vita version of this game applies the CRC-32 checksum algorithm to the decrypted and compressed game save, storing it in a different file. This does not seem to be the case for PS3.

Thanks in advance!

game saves.zip

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