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古龙风云录 (chinese game) - Need help localization

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sorry late reply, this game is in Chinese language and I can't type/write read in Chinese. I tried to look for a text file but have no idea where is lcoate in the game folder. 

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You still can use UABEA to extract files and look through them to find text.

Also in Total Commander you can search by hex values, so you can do it like this:
1. Use some OCR solution to get chineese text from screenshot to text file (just to have some text example for searching)
2. Find hex values of the characters for specific encoding (you can start with UTF-8 and then check other encodings)
3. Put those hex values in Total Commander and try to find your texts


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  • ikskoks changed the title to 古龙风云录 (chinese game) - Need help localization

Excuse me for asking.
If you are a non-Chinese, you can ask if the official side has any plans. Although there are not many Chinese games available in other languages, I think the possibility of an English version is relatively high

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