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[Unity] 巴风特之怒 - Asset Bundles

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Hey guys,


I would like some help in extracting this new game developed in Unity.

Apparently the game uses the Unity assetbundle, but the structure is different, which is why all the tools (AssetStudio, AssetRipper and etc) I tested are not capable of reading, extracting, etc.

Below is a hex example of the game's assetbundle:



And this now is an example of an assetbundle (from any game but with the structure readable by any other tool)



I'm not sure the changed structure is because there was some compression, encrypt or anything else.


Apk: https://downloadwn.youxin75.com/GamePack/game_package2369-14424.apk

Some files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KdNw3S1F-7d_vd0RrtV1OSa4nnNjAIHZ/view?usp=sharing


Can anybody help me?

I would really appreciate it!

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