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(PC) South Park: The Fractured but Whole - locpack and locpackbin files

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I am making localization for this game and had the tools to extract/import game files. But I reinstalled my PC and unknowingly deleted the tools for this game.

From my backups/files I was able to get the QuickBMS script for extracting SDF game archives. As far as I know the script was created by Luigi Auriemma. I was unable to find the script anywhere so if you are looking for a way to extract/import SP Fractured but Whole game archives, use the attached script with QuickBMS app.

But what I am missing is the app I used to decrypt locpackbin files and encrypt them again for import. These files contain the game texts. Please does someone still have it somewhere? Thank you.


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Can you please help me convert this file to txt and back to locpackbin? I used to have a tool for that but I lost it. Apparently swuforce had a script for that ubt I have no idea which script it is. Thank you.

All of his scripts should be here:



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Thank you. I'll try to search through the backups.

I believe it was two .exe files - one for export and one for import. I'm almost sure it was one of the swuforce's autoit scripts but I have no idea which one. I don't remember the name of the file tho.

I probably found it on ZenHax. I am not sure tho.

If it was not one of swuforce's scripts, I don't know who the author was.


This is the topic I found on Wayback Machine where swuforce says to try one of his tools and links his sources (the AutoIt scripts as I linked above).


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Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, ikskoks said:

Ok, i think those are the scripts you are looking for:

south_park_scripts.zip 1.07 MB · 1 download


YES!! Thank you so much. You are the man/women. 

Also if anyone reading this is looking for a way to localize this game, I have Aluigi's QuickBMS script to export/import SDF archives.


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Attached script.
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