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Triga (PC) - data.win

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Hey folks,

this might probably rather be directed to DKDave since he managed to reverse a different version of the format in my Normal Fishing request.

Checked the archive, very similar structure but I'm unable to adjust his script somehow. This format just doesn't vibe with my brain it seems.


Same FORM header, SOND table right at the start. File provided here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h8y8ii1yqtcf1ey/triga_datawin.7z/file

Thanks a bunch for looking into it yet again!

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23 hours ago, ikskoks said:

It's known format used by many GameMaker Studio games.

You can edit archive with UndertaleModTool https://github.com/UnderminersTeam/UndertaleModTool/releases/tag/bleeding-edge


Thanks for the info - that's at least a start for some research.

Sadly, the tool doesn't work correctly for this particular archive though as you can see:

I'll look around in the source code, maybe it gives me some idea as to how the format is structured.

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