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I'm pretty much just here for Xenosaga stuff. Someone gave me some zenhax forum links and I didn't look at them until the site was down. 😞 I've got some stuff to look through from the Internet Archive and some very helpful Xeno-modders, so I don't have any specific questions yet. Just thought I'd write an intro post. 🙂 
I've been obsessed with Xenosaga since middle school. I want to look closer at the textures and models for completely personal reasons - mostly artistic inspiration for when I re-layout my journals and work notebooks. I like to decorate with doodles and stickers, after making the layouts in photoshop. Some of the HD remaster textures for PCSX2 are sufficient, but some of them are not because they've been run through algorithmic upscaling software which gets pretty messy with small details (I'm not docking the modder, it would be insane to do the texture pack any other way such as by hand, just explaining so no one wastes their time asking me if I know about the HD texture packs ^^; )

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