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(nds) Animal Crossing Wild World text tool

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Hello, can anyone help me write a tool that can extract and re-import the text of the game Animal Crossing Wild World?
First, the text is compressed in lz44 format, which can be decompressed with  ACWW texts decompressor

You don't need to compress it, game will still run even without compression
Next is the text structure:
Most existing bmg tools cannot read this structure
I don't know programming so I hope someone can help me, thanks a lot

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11 hours ago, EmptyMan said:

Please upload as many uncompressed samples as possible. Samples with text in another language are also needed.

I've already made a basic text converter, but I'm not sure about some of the values.

select2.rar 475 B · 2 downloads

frn.zipHere are some text files from the opening paragraph to the town hall, including 3 languages: French, English, Japanese
Note: jpn has the same text structure but uses shift jis encoding

jpn.zip en.zip

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The game contains .bmg files with different structures, so I don't know if the tool will work correctly. I've added support for only two types.
Also .bmg files use a lot of special codes with no identification, I added them in <> brackets.


Export text:
Run ExportText.exe, select folder with *.bmg files (you can put all files in one folder)
Import text:
Run ImportText.exe, select translated file & folder with the original *.bmg files
The new files will be placed in the "Name"_New folder


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