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Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (.db/.sdb)

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The CS:HRTR .db files are used to store position/rotation data of objects, as well as pointers to other .db files, etc.


This can be used, for example, to construct a zeppelin in the game, giving it all of its' attachments such as engines, guns etc. It is also used for plane configuration, and you can do some light modding by swapping out a pointer to a plane with a different one in the DB, so long as the bytes still align in the end. It is not unlike that of a Unity prefab.



The .sdb files are scene versions, which are used to load the game's levels, maps, etc. There are many early prototype and test .sdbs that can be found in the game's files.

I've attached a few samples, including a default.sdb. What I would like to find out is if it is possible, for starters, to extract the position and rotation data for sub objects (such as Zep_Engine1) from .dbs such as zep_pandora.db and have it properly displayed in some text form. Once that's accompolished I'd like to investigate the format more thoroughly.


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