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[PC] Cities: Skylines (2015) *.locale

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I am looking for a tool to extract and import .locale files into a .txt file, if possible.

There is an old tool called "cities_potools," but it does not seem to be working properly. It is likely that recent updates to the game have changed the structure of the *.locale files, which is causing the tool to fail.

in the archive I have attached:
 cities_potools - an old tool that converts .locale to .po
 en.locale - the localization file (latest version)


Additionally, I noticed a folder in the game directory named Tools/Locale.bat, but I am unsure of its function. Tried it on en.locale but no result.

Thank you!

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Be aware, it looks like with this tool you can't apply changes once the text has been translated.
I think the dictionary keys have been updated in the latest version of the game and the tool doesn't support them.

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