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[Question] Where to start creating mods?

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Hello, I'm new to this area (knowledge = almost 0) and I wanted to know where to start with mods, for example for games with a file of several GB and for games where the textures even come in PNG, I really admire them, but I have no idea How do programs like Magic txd that open and edit textures, which are generally about 4 textures in the files, there are also 3d models that have several separate things in them (wheel, bone, etc.)

I really like PS2/Console games in general, such as Need for Speed Underground 2 and GTASA

Well, if anyone knows of simple games to train mods, or programs for mods, please tell me

Sorry for bad English

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You can start with games made using popular engines like Unity or Unreal Engine.
Here is the list of modding tools for Unreal Engine https://github.com/Buckminsterfullerene02/UE-Modding-Tools

Try also search Xentax Wiki for game file formats that are already known. Each article should have a list of programs attached at the end.


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