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[PC] Broken Sword DC - *exe

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I need help inserting Cyrillic fonts into a game.

I've found a Russian patch that supports Cyrillic. The executable has code that accepts fonts as external files. Using a hex editor, I identified the code that refers to the fonts, and I found it accepts a third font as an external file (comics.ttf). The other two fonts, LinLibertine_Bd-4.1.0.ttf and LinLibertine_Re-4.4.1.ttf, work fine because I edited them to include Cyrillic characters.

Here are snapshots of bs1dcEN.exe

and bs1dcRU.exe


The problem is that I cannot use bs1dcRU.exe to translate the game because the Russian text is embedded in the executable file itself. This means I cannot use external files like bs1dc.dat, which contains the text for other languages. Additionally, there is no option to change the language in the Russian executable bs1dcRU.exe. However, the original bs1dcEN.exe does have this option and can switch languages without issues.

I tried decompiling the executable with IDA Pro, but the decompilation is incomplete and too complex for me as I have no experience with reverse engineering.

My question is: Is it possible to somehow inject or transfer the code from bs1dcRU.exe into bs1dcEN.exe and of course without the Russian text?

Here is files: Broekn Sword DC - exe files.zip

Thank you for your help.

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After extensive research, I concluded that reverse engineering the entire game would be necessary due to its complexity. This process requires significant skill and effort. As an alternative, I edited the font using MummGGTool. While this is not an ideal solution, given the small and relatively unobtrusive nature of the letters, it was the only viable option. I hope the game developers will add support for other languages in the future.

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