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full throttle remastered .info (localization text file)

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There are two types of .info files - *.speech.info and *.uitext.info with a little difference

PC version:

General structure

Entries count [4 byte]
Offsets Table [Entries count * Offset Entry size]
Strings Table [Entries count * String Entry size]

Offset Entry (uitext type) structure

id Offset [4 byte]
localized text Offset [4 byte]

Offset Entry (speech type) structure

some unknown data [24 byte]
id Offset [4 byte]
localized text Offset [4 byte]

String Entry structure

text id [string lenght]
localized text [string lenght]

Text Offsets are from offset itself (not from beginning of file)

Text strings in Strings table are null terminated

PS4 version structure are the same, but entries count and offsets are stored in 8 byte instead of 4 byte (unknown data still 24 byte)



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