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QuickBMS 0.12


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  • CRCHash experimental instruction
  • fix for a rare append bug
  • imptype instruction new behavior (check manual)
  • fix for get float/double
  • fix xmath with multidimensional arrays
  • Print hex line feed
  • fix for B/E/C String operators
  • fixes and improvements for RSA encryption and keys
  • calldll supporting points to variables and return value
  • various patches for improving compilation
  • better support for -x option
  • some improvements of reimport mode mainly related to variables and hashing encryption
  • support for tar output with -O option
  • fix for rot/xor encryption
  • additional compressions
  • fix for a memory bug triggered by ttgames.bms
  • many other bug fixes and improvements


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  • michalss changed the title to QuickBMS 0.12

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