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Eutechnyx used to develop racing games, so yeah... I guess thats's all.
Anyways, during 6th (PS2, Xbox era) and 7th (Xbox360, PS3) generation they used their own in house engine.
This post is exclusively for that.
Now, this developer might not ring any bells for most people. Their games were kinda mid. Their most notable games are Street Racing Syndicate (basically We have NFS Underground at home) and Ride to Hell: Retribution (why does this exists?). Thankfully Ride to Hell uses Unreal 3, so it won't be covered, ever.

In case I forgot something, here is table of all their titles, that are covered here in some way:

Absolute Supercars            
Big Mutha Truckers        
Big Mutha Truckers 2        
Ferrari Challange        
Ferrari: The Race          
Ford Mustang          
Ford vs. Chevy          
Hot Wheels: Beat That!      
Hummer Badlands          
NASCAR The Game 2011            
NASCAR Inside Line            
NASCAR The Game 2013            
NASCAR '14 and '15          
Pimp My Ride          
Supercar Challange            
Cartoon Network Racing            
The Fast and the Furious            
Street Racing Syndicate      

A brief info about the engine

The main resource format is called ArcBank with .arc extension. This bank contains all game assets. In it's own sense, it's similar to Unreal Engine 3 pck/upk packages.
Each ArcBank is uniquely cooked for each platform. That means, it's harder to research across versions and platforms.
Scripts themselves are in plain text and have .ls extension. They also seem to be referencing ArcBanks themselves.
There are also other formats, like sound files and streams and language text.
All of these files are mostly packed into cdfiles.dat/cdfiles.ar pairs that serves as a main archive format.

This is the section where I introduce Technyx

Technyx toolset can extract and convert various formats.
As of current version. It can extract every cdfiles.dat/cdfiles.ar pair from all titles in the table above.
It can also convert ArcBank models, maps and animations, but from a very few selected titles.
As a cherry on top, there is a txt converter for language text. Again for all titles.

Technyx can be found at: https://github.com/PredatorCZ/Technyx

If anyone wishes to use project issues page to report a bug or a new feature, they certainly can.

A small gallery of converted stuff

screenshot_24-6-26_19-07.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-08.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-12.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-22.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-35.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-36.png screenshot_24-6-26_19-37.png

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