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MS SAGA (PS2) CMP/SDO File format

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On 7/19/2024 at 2:33 AM, shak-otay said:

Using hex2obj:

dn01a04a, decompressed




Yeah, I've looked into the MRG files and I from what I've read it maybe that it's some sort of uncompressed archive file with that uses LBA to index the files inside, some short ones that store like 2 files I can delete the MRG header and estimate at which point the files end and start and I can open the files as they are .DFF and .TXD (Renderware files) but some are mostly packed with alot of stuff like the dn01a04a file, which to what I see contains both animations, models, textures files inside.
I'm not really accustomed to file analysis so if anyone is great at unpacking stuff it'd be a real help

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