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Ignition (aka: “Fun Tracks” or “Bleifuss Fun”) (1997, MS-DOS and Windows)


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I've tried working on reverse-engineering the 3D format of Ignition.

I'm currently working on the demo version, as I think it's easier for everyone to get involved helping with this. You can download the demo on the Internet Archive : https://archive.org/details/IGNITION_201606

I would like to read the 3D models for the cars, and the tracks of the game. Thankfully, it seems that it would be an easy process, as there aren't a lot of files, and some of them are easy to understand.

If you go into the cars/ directory, you'll find the three files cars.msh, cars.tex, and cars.plc.

As suggested, .MSH probably holds meshes, .TEX holds textures, and I have no idea about .PLC.

The cars.tex file is an 256x1536 bitmap with indexed colors. The color palette is the sys.col file, located at the root of the directory (8 bytes of header, and 256 x 3 bytes of color palette (red, green, blue)).


The cars.plc file looks like a 20-bytes data structure, with a 4 bytes header. Here's the rendering of the file, under binocle, using the Turbo palette, minus 4 bytes.


The cars.msh file looks like a succession of 44-bytes data structure, without header. Here are the first bytes of the file, rendered under binocle, using the Turbo palette.


Hoping that it'll inspire someone more talented than me to fiddle around this thing!

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