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Where to find a Gothic 3 xmot related page from XenTaX

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Hi there! I am new to this forum.

In the past I was surfing the web because I was trying to reverse engineer the Gothic 3 Genome Engine .xmot file format, which contains model animations. At some point I found a page on XenTaX that contained very valuable information for me. The link was https://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?t=9369. However I never had an account and I cannot view the page and so I cannot rescue it, even though there was valuable information.

I can still find the old XenTaX page by googling "Gothic 3 xmot" and I get a search result with the title "Animation researching - XeNTaX" and a preview text of "29 Jul 2012 — But be informed that this is only one of many possible formats. This is an excerpt from a decoded xmot file of Gothic 3, a Piranha bytes Game:.". But then it ends and I cannot get past it to the hidden information.

So, is this page already transferred to Reshax or will it be? If not, can people with an account on XenTaX still view the page? If so, could anyone please quickly visit it and rescue the posts?
Thank you in advance!

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