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Hi there! I’m totally bummed to hear that ZenHAX and XenTAX are going away for good. Those forums were so great and I’m going to miss them very, very much. However, it’s a new beginning that I hope to take advantage of as new file hunters come here seeking information on files to extract and share with the world.

Today’s topic I’d like to bring up are the sounds from two of LucasArts’ greatest games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel. The reason I’m bringing this up is that the game has a whole slew of sound effects locked away in its files, particularly the sounds of the Force and the lightsabers. Now there have been uploads of these sounds elsewhere such as Sounds Resource for the PC. However, those sounds are at 22500 hz and the sounds from the second game have not labelled with proper identification as the first game. My objective is to locate sounds from both games that are not only around 44000 hz or so, but are also properly labelled with identification, so as to avoid having to hunt for the proper sounds upon being ripped and shared. If anyone has access to these files from the Xbox 360 version of both games along with its sequel, please share what you have and I will see what can be done with them.

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I don't own those games, yet i'm also in this kind of stuff. I'm unsure about the sound label being given in the xBox version. I've stumbled accross different projects while i was seeking overall game soundtrack (not the official soundtracks : that's the editor / publisher work label). I kinda think it's something tied to the technical production packaging of the resource assets. And most of the time, we have to deal with audio files that are just labelled with serial numbers 🙂 ... sometimes, when we're lucky, they are truly labelled with a title.

22500hz don't surprise me when it comes to sound effects from those older games. I recall Assassin's Creed Revelations having <24000hz (even a very few down to 6k) SFX, some tracks at 32k and others at 44kHz.

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On 11/7/2023 at 1:34 PM, Puterboy1 said:

You can always get the games from GOG. Also, aren’t the sound effects ripped already? On the Sounds Resource?

The issue is not whether or not they have been ripped already. The problem I am facing is twofold: 1. Can the sounds from both games be ripped at a higher bitrate? The ones currently being ripped are at 22500 hz or so. What I am aiming for is 32000 hz and higher, namely 44100 hz or 48000 hz.

2. Can the files be ripped with proper labelling? Now, the sounds ripped from the first game has just the labeling I’m looking for: i.e. wep_ls_swingFast_01.wav. But none of the ripped files for the second game have that kind of labelling, just random alphanumeric labeling, which makes it all the harder to identify the sounds. I’m hoping someone will look into this an extract the files in this manner.

So there you have it: I want the files at a higher bitrate and with proper identification. According to a source of mine, they say an index file will need to be found in order for the second objective to be achieved. So if you are able to, I’d appreciate any help you can give me in getting these files.

Here’s a link to one script to help you get started: https://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/star_wars_lp.bms

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