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Unreal .uexp texture extraction and reinsertion (DXT5)


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Is there a handy tool to extract and reinsert DXT5 texture for UE4 games? Other ideas? I once manually used a hex-editor but was a long time ago and I forgot how-to X-(
Need to extract and reinsert modified DXT5 images from files like these: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApMUGr0cuN39gt0BLaceGQQld8qnZg?e=gSTe7i (.uexp format)

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Forgot to mention how I extracted/reinserted the texture... This can help others I hope.

I used "Uexptool - Texture / JSON conversion tool for SoulCalibur VI" by FluffyQuack from Patreon | Kemono

How to extract DDS: drag'n'drop orig_file.uexp over draganddrop-xDDS.bat and it will extract the texture automatically.

How to reinsert the modified DDS: select with mouse in this order texture.dds + orig_file.uexp (with CTRL key), and drag'n'drop them over draganddrop-iDDS.bat 

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