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*(test first topic)(orig topic on Xentax)

what worked for me: CASCExplorer.exe

File>Open Online Strorage>Diablo IV (Beta)
after: select CDN Build> 41428_Win64Client_0_9_0_b
wait "Loading"
in Explorer select all(or those that are needed) files in:
-"Root(Read only)>base>meta>Apperarance"
-"Root(Read only)>base>payload>Apperarance"
click LMB>Extract> yourFolder

After extraction, the folder structure will be preserved. meta file and data file have the same names

I made a converter AppToOBJ.exe (I used my 3D library written in pure C#), It opens a meta file and looks for a data file in the specified folder "path with dataAPP" with the same name as the meta file, if this folder is not specified it looks for a data file near the meta file with the same name but as "*_data.app"
*(This is a test application, tested on random models, I do not guarantee that all models will work. There will be no further work on this application.)




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11 hours ago, Durik256 said:

share this files


57 minutes ago, Dim0s said:

These are the wrong files.

You need:

IGC_Lilith_forced-LOD-0.app from /base/meta/Apperarance (it's a meta data for model)

IGC_Lilith_forced-LOD-0.app from /base/payload/Apperarance (it's a 3d model)


Dude, thank you so much! I would NOT have figured that out myself for sure. I really appreciate it!!

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