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The Beatles Rockband Blender Importer


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Hi guys, I figured since Xentax is gone now I'd put this back up for others to use and modify further if they so wish to. Just to preface this, I didn't write this importer, a user named Turk did but they have been inactive for a few years and they gave me permission to reupload this at the time. It's pretty simple to use, you just install it as an addon in Blender, and then you import PS3 milo files from The Beatles: Rockband game. In order to get the milo files, you'd need some sort of Ark Explorer tool to extract the milo files from the Ark files first. Once you do that, you should be good.

However this importer is unfinished unfortunately and I do not possess the technical knowledge to finish it. Some offsets are incorrect and currently skeletons/weights/blendshapes are not imported. Some positioning is incorrect and will not be placed right inside of Blender, for the Beatles it's not too big a deal to solve but for props and maps it's quite an issue. If anyone is interested in further researching this please let me know.

This was also written before Blender 2.8 existed so you'll most likely need Blender 2.76 or later for it.





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