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Tool to compress/decompress texture *.ctxr from Shadow of the Colossus PS4

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2 hours ago, wssdude said:

Seems like this tool works somewhat from what I tried just now with your samples.

CtxrTool GitHub

5 days ago was a new release coincidentally 😁

But probably isn't fully working as I have troubles displaying exported DDS files...

well, i tried that tool thou, even created an issue, but seems like its not the same format, but hey, thanks you for the efforts!

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In years of trying as every new development on any game related to Bluepoint has been made, I have not made any progress with models or textures for this one. No doubt it's possible, but nobody with the ability has ever actively worked on tools for it, so chances of there ever being any are slim to none at this point. 

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  • Engineer
int unk;
int unk; //alway 1
int unk; //alway 0
int unk; //alway 65536
int unk; //alway 0
ushort num_mipmap; // ??
int size_bitmap;
int type_bitmap; // ?? RGBA ?? DXT5 ?? BC...
byte unk; // ??
ushort height; // ((height & 0x0fff) + 1) * 4
byte unk; // ??
byte unk; // ?? alway 0x0f
byte unk_; // ?? (unk_ - num_mipmap) + 1
byte unk_1; // ?? alyway 0x94 or 0x96
byte unk_2; // ??
byte unk_3; // ?? alway e0
ushort width; // (width + 1) * 8
byte unk; // alway 0

byte bitmap_data[size_bitmap];

///bitmap had swizzle (PS4)///

it template 010 for .ctxr (decompressed) file.

and i shared my tool for decompress all file compressed


example.zip SotC.zip

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