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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD [PS3] .CTXR format


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I have extracted the files from MGS2:SOL HD for PS3. My aim is the textures which is in CTXR format.

Does anyone know how to convert CTXR to PNG or DDS and vice versa?

is there a tool for that or way to edit them?

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2 hours ago, wssdude said:

This CtxrTool does not work? Unsure what HD version you have in mind, but I suppose there is some chance formats are same as with Master Collection...

I have the HD collection for PS3 comes with MGS3:SE, MGS2:SOL and MGS:PW.
Tried this tool CTXR-Converter but it doesn't work for the PS3 version only the PC version worked.

I will try that tool you mentioned, hope it will work.

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Here is what i've been using for years. You place all 4 files in a .ctxr directory and run ctxr2gtf.bat first and then gtf2dds.bat. The resulting dds have a problem with alpha channel but you can easily fix it by reducing "Levels white point" to 128 with something like XNView Classic. I didnt make these tools.


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