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[PC] Sinking Island [*.opk]

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Greetings to all forum members,


I am seeking a tool to create or manipulate .opk files for export and import purposes of "Sinking Island".

Currently, I am using Dragon UnPACKer, and it successfully extracts the .opk files. However, it regrettably leads to some issues:

The "interface.opk," which contains only textures, functions well. In other words, the game reads the external folder without any problems.

On the other hand, the "script.opk," containing scripts and text language, extracts successfully, but the game refuses to read the external folder.

Hence, I am reaching out to inquire if anyone possesses a tool for Sinking Island or has the capability to create one for importing files back into the .opk archive.

I have also included a script.opk for reference.



Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate any assistance or insights you can provide.

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23 hours ago, ikskoks said:

What do you mean? It's a very simple script, so import should work fine.

I get an error about something mismatch

here is a sample error of one file

- 0 files reimported in 0 seconds
  coverage file 0     0%   4          462        . offset 00000004
- open input *\Sinking Island\tool\quickbms\script\TD_up_btn.lua
- open script *\Sinking Island\tool\quickbms\nikopol.bms
- set output folder *\Sinking Island\tool\quickbms\New folder

  offset   filesize   filename

- signature of 4 bytes at offset 0x00000000 doesn't match the one
  expected by the script:

  this one: "OPLu"
  4f 50 4c 75                                       OPLu

  expected: "PAK "
  50 41 4b 20                                       PAK

- 0 files reimported in 0 seconds
  coverage file 0     0%   4          460        . offset 00000004

Press ENTER or close the window to quit

I tried changing the script of the

idstring "OPlu "

but I get the same error

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On 11/13/2023 at 6:39 PM, ikskoks said:

Read section 3 of this guide for more details http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/quickbms.txt

OR search on youtube "how to reimport with quickbms".

After carefully reviewing the documentation and a lot of effort, I successfully reimported the files. It became apparent that the output folder needed to be renamed to "Output" for it to work.

I appreciate your attention and the  information you provided.

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