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Super Mario RPG - How to extract animations


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The game has leaked and I want to be right on top of ripping the models and animations. The romFS can be dumped with Yuzu and the .bundle files can be viewed somewhat in AssetStudioGUI. Texture2D entries are scrambled but meshes can be exported as .obj and easily into Blender where the UV mapping stays intact. The animations though I cannot say as I don't really know this program having only picked it up a couple days ago. Could anybody provide any information on how to dump the model animations?


Asset Studio Mario.png

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With a bit of key info from the AssetStudio github I was able to figure this out. It is simply matter of selecting the proper entries in the "Scene Hierarchy" and "Asset List" tabs then using the "Export selected objects (split) + selected AnimationClips" menu item. You will get an animated .FBX . Skins are still scrambled though so maybe more on that later. I was able to extract Mario's jump sequence as in the picture:



SMRPG Extract.png

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