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Tomb Raider Legend/Anniversary


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Since a couple of years, thanks to my friend Indra, Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary's modding scene has massively expanded.

Thanks to his tool Yura it's now possible to extract the game's files without the need to extract the entire bigfiles.
Thanks to his Menu Hook it's now possible to make the game read modified files on the fly, with no need to repack or inject anything in the existing bigfiles, and play around with many of the features the hook has to offer such as viewing collisions, spawning entities, switching outfits, etc.

Thanks to the help of the amazing DKDave, Joschka, Edness, alphaZomega and akderebur, we managed to write a Noesis importer and exporter for the mesh format (.tr7aemesh), which is embedded in this post.

DKDave mostly helped writing the importer, figuring out how to read vertex positions, normal vectors, vertex weights and faces. akderebur helped figuring out the correct algorithm used to read UVs. Joschka mostly helped with the export part of the plugin. And last but not least, Edness helped writing UVs for the exporter. alphaZomega helped with general things regarding the exporter.

I'll never be able to show enough of my gratitude to these guys for the amount of help they gave me, and for managing to make this dream come true. Thank you guys so much for everything!

Slightly after the release of the exporter, I've made this tutorial on how to export custom models to the game format. It's not very up-to-date, I'll probably work on a new one in the future, but you can check it out:


I've also made one for people who are only interested in installing mods, in case the instructions in Indra's Menu Hook GitHub wouldn't satisfy you:


You can also check out my GitHub where I've released templates to use in 010 Editor, that will help you understand the game formats more in-depth, in case you're interested in that: https://github.com/Raq1

Well, I think this was everything I had to say here. If you need additional help in modding/installing mods, you can either ask here or in our Tomb Raider Modding Discord Server: https://discord.gg/euRUvFkpjb


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