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Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey w32 and w3d files


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Hi! I've been looking into the files for the game Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey and they have a bunch of these w32 and w3d files, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help get into the models or potentially know of any noesis scripts or programs that could help? I was able to get into some of the w32 files with texturefinder but so far that's all I've been able to figure out


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I've created a short "quick 'n dirty" answer in the tutorial's section.

But it doesn't cover the overall structure (would take ages, edit: well, not for Durik;-).

Just vertex and face indices block of a general cube/cuboid.

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I got something, I think models are inside files with letter "d", like "xxx_d.w32" but these files have A LOT of meshes. Each mesh has an ID but this changes in other meshes so there are different IDs(Don't know how many different IDs are). I used "l_bel1_d.w32" first mesh is at 0x1000. Probably all meshes have the same format but you need to find where each data begins(vertices, nomals, uvs, faces) I am not sure if there are pointers to those..

Textures are in "xxx_t.w32" files, there is also an ID for textures but I think this ID is always the same.(I did not check..)



princess format.PNG

princess vt_faces.PNG

princess normals.PNG

princess uvs.PNG

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