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Mario The Music Box Remastered .ari file


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Hello there's a game called Mario The Music Box Remastered, the game is made in RPG Maker XP but uses a custom file by the name of .ari (wich is just a encrypted .rgssad file but without the rgssad string in the hex code) the only way to overwrite it with a rgssad string is to reverse engineer the whole file, i tried asking on the games official discord server one person said that they and they're friend made a decrypter that extracts here's what they say on how it's done: "it uses some fiddling with the header and xor encryption" when i asked if could get access to it they said: "no, thanks"

Also the devloper (not developers because there's only one programmer that does everything except for the art, story, and music) uses they're own custom tools: https://twitter.com/Team_Ari_Games/status/1211626231025684480

Here's the file: https://mega.nz/file/lAhkjTKI#x4QFGcNQrue-6MDAli_WRy5K9K_AxaY3lIvkSyvxmYg

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