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Sea Dogs .tx texture format

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Hi, can you guys help with converting this old texture format from storm engine? like bms script or noesis plugin?

Here's examples: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1jOtyLmlcfyhNMnVl-OVrgqd3TlK1pYvd

Here's a part of storm engine source related to textures: https://github.com/storm-devs/storm-engine/blob/2d3fd8dcf59e29787b2bce3c90e5ebf23b5687b1/src/libs/renderer/src/texture.h#L75

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9 hours ago, ikskoks said:

Noesis has it's own Python build in. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but to support new images types in Noesis, you need to edit existing script or create a new script.

you said noesis doesn't support DXT1 with BC swizzle above. So, again, you just didn't support this type in the script you made or noesis do not support this whatever you do?

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@ikskoks The problem was actually the image data size. Since DXTs are compressed the data size could be lesser than width*height.
The solution is actually simple, just add this check statement:

if pixel_size >= len(image_file_data):
    pixel_size = len(image_file_data) - 24


if pixel_size >= len(image_file_data):
    pixel_size = len(image_file_data) - image_data_offset


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