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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 3D Model Tools


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Everything related to 3D models from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

There are at least two working tools for the game, one made by id-daemon id-daemon ghost recon wildlands tools.rar and another was Archive_Next.

Archive_Next was able to extract some models that id-daemon's tool couldn't.


Here's the tutorial from the Zenhax webarchive page https://web.archive.org/web/20230429095932fw_/https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=8316:


Ghost Recon Wildlands tool.

Step 0: correct forge.ini file to set which forge files to use and their location.

On the first run, tool will create a list of assets in all these files. If you change INI, or game will update, you need to delete generated file assets.dat so it will be regenerated.

Note: tool loads FORGE files in order they are listed in INI file, so you have to be sure to put PATCHES FIRST or tool may crash or give incorrect results.

One of DLC files is not compatible with current version, don't add it:DataPC_20_dlc.forge

Step 1: get entities list

Wildlands_list.exe <forge file>

Step 2: get table tree for some entity (or additionally, create part sets)

Wildlands.exe <entity id>
Wildlands.exe <entity id> <N>
Wildlands.exe <entity id> all

Example: Wildlands.exe 040123B873C > nina.txt
This will output all tables for Nina Flores. For explanation about these tables, see below. You should learn the table tree carefully before trying to export it.

"N" option will generate N random part sets.
"all" option will generate a set big enough to contain every possible part

Step 3: make a .TXT file with what you want to export

After you study the tables, you have to select what you want. You can make comments or change the file as you want. The tool will only use "objects" and "skeletons", all other lines will be ignored.

You can leave ONE option for each part, or many, but be careful. If you try combining the uncombinable, the result is unpredictable.

Important is to move skeletons to the top, and the order of skeletons is also important. You have to list them in order of the table tree they will be connected in this order. Like vest connected to main body, then some attach point connected to that vest. Wrong order MAY break them.

The order of "objects" is not important.

Example file for non-censored version of Nina:


Main skeleton 044F5D0A89F --> 1e Skeleton GR_UNP_Nina_Head 
======= row 100% ======= 040123B8A70 ======== 
044F5D0ABB5 --> 3 Object UNP_Nina_Body_02 
044F5D0AC6C --> e Object UNP_NinaFlores_Shoes 
0402FACC80C --> 19 Object UNP_NinaFlores_Eyelashes_LOD0 
044F5D0AC04 --> 1 Object UNP_Nina_Head_Chest 
04075D34428 --> 12 Object UNP_NinaFlores_Jewelry 
044F5D0AC55 --> 2 Object UNP_NinaFlores_Clothes 
044F5D0ABE7 --> 13 Object UNP_Nina_EyeTeeth 
07C33CC2006 --> 20 Object UNP_Nina_Hair

Step 4: export

Wildlands.exe <file.txt>
Drag .TXT file onto the tool, or run the command above.

This will generate ASCII file with all parts combined. Additional skeletons will be in separate files:
small ASCII will have anim skeleton, SMD will have both animation & mesh skeletons, so applying this as animation you can transform the model to place eyes/teeth/other parts correctly (as shown on these videos https://youtu.be/IOsBCDMpjXc , https://youtu.be/hztnjbD07ok). Don't apply animation to HEAD model, because in most cases it will distort it. Apply only to body/eyes/teeh/weapons.

The fixing process is similar to frostbite face fixing:

https://sta.sh/029zqoqijxmo (tutorial by Crofty)

You need all skeleton parts and combine them in right order. For example, this one needs 3: main skeleton, head skeleton, and boobs skeleton to work together.

(no image available)

And this combined skeleton is actually working with the model:

(no image available)

The tutorial had some images included but they're gone now too.


Link to model extraction tools for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is here:


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