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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 3D Model Tools


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New thread for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 3D models. Here's the old thread from wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20230817131610/https://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?t=15031

I'm just going to copy-paste the whole thread I had on Xentax to make life easier:


 Tool's project seems to have been discontinued. If you are still interested in using this tool, you should use the DepotDownloader to get Manifest 133280937611742404 of R6S. This manifest is updated to Y7S2.2.

First extraction tool made by Tushkan (requires Python to work, is glitchy):


Second extraction tool made by parzivail and floxay, includes a dumper and an asset viewer (requires just up to date .NET framework installation and familiarity working with Windows command prompt. AssetCatalog requires a lot of time and patience to go through all of the million different assets, refer to the UID lists below. Seems to be more stable):


.DDS to .png normal map exporter:

DDS2 to PNG.rar

UID list:
Here is a UID spreadsheet done by me with everything I have found from specific archives:

Ultra Texture Pack texture location:

(If you have the UHD pack properly installed, the HD textures get exported with rest of the standard resolution textures)

Location for textures usually used by player characters, NPCs, their equipment and probably weapons:

List of assets and their UIDs made by DeadmanWasTaken:


Another asset list by 09williamsad:

Catalog of my findings for AssetCatalog (paste it to the main folder, replace if needed), mostly first and third person view models for the operators and also some gadgets:

Texture types by assets:

Character models:
Diffuse + Translucency (light shines through cartilage -effect)
(If UHD pack installed: 4k normal + cavity detail map)

Note, operators' head object will dump all of the textures belonging to the specific headgear, with the headgear included, same as when extracting the textures from a headgear with it dumping the head object's textures. No need to find both the objects if you just need the textures. Sometimes different headgear have similar looking head objects, even if they belong to different headgears, so keep that in mind if you are wondering about getting textures you're not looking for.

Translation for the DumpTool commands:

dump: When you want to export a single object or texture, use this.

dumpall: Dumps everything in a given forge file (not sure if it works on textures)

findallmeshpropsglobal: Once you have found a UID of an object (maybe a texture works too on finding objects, I'm not sure as I haven't tried), use this command to look for the corresponding package from each one of the forge files (that is if you do not know its location).

findallmeshprops: If you know where the packages are located, use this to speed up the finding process, as it will only look for them in this single archive. For example, it seems that most packages are always in the datapc64_ondemand.forge archive. UHD textures are in datapc64_mtx_bnk_textures4.forge, however the tool will automatically export them if you simply select the ondemand archive.

dumpmeshprops: Once you have run either of the findallmeshprops commands, you now have the UID of an object. You can use this to dump textures and every associated object, including the head and eye/mouth objects even if you don't have their UIDs. And best of all, you can figure out the other objects UIDs as well with this method. This also works best when exporting weapons and attachments that have small individual pieces that are for some reason separate UIDs in the game.

dumpallmeshprops: I reckon this exports every single texture and forge from a given forge archive.


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