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Moto Racer (1997, Windows)


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I'm currently in the process of documenting the 3DF format of Moto Racer for Windows, using 3D Model Researcher.

Frist step, all Moto Racer files are packed in BFK files, and can be extracted using QuickBMS and the corresponding script.

Second step, all 3DF files are the 3D models, and are organized the following way:

typedef struct vec3_t vec3_t;
struct vec3_t {
  float x;
  float y;
  float z;


uint16_t unknown1
uint16_t number_of_vertices
vec3_t vertices[number_of_vertices];
??? unknown2[???]; // list of faces?


For now I'm unable to properly render the faces, despite all of my tweaks. If anyone more experienced than me want to continue from where I left, and report its progress here, please do so.

A demo of Moto Racer for Windows is available on the Internet Archive.

Best regards.



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