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Travelogue 360: Paris PAK File

Roamer Monkey

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Hello, I would like to extract the assets from a .pak file from the 2006 PC game Travelogue 360: Paris, which was made by Big Fish Games. Its file signature is "BASPACK", and I know it contains the majority of the game data, including graphics and sounds. There was a QuickBMS script posted by chrrox on XeNTaX that could extract assets from files of the same signature for other games made by Big Fish Games (specifically the rest of the Travelogue 360 games and the Drawn trilogy). However, the script doesn't work for this file from just the first Travelogue 360 game. The same also applies with the "Drawn: Dark Flight" PAK unpacker 1.0 from http://nullsecurity.org. This was asked by ubrax back on XeNTaX but it was not answered, so I'll ask here for an answer. The .pak file can just found in the game files of the game which can be downloaded with a free trial from Big Fish Games here: https://www.bigfishgames.com/us/en/games/1256/travelogue360paris/?lang=en. Any help would be appreciated.

Here was the QuickBMS script by chrrox:

idstring "BASPACK"
get FILES long
for i = 1 < FILES
getdstring NAME 0xFF
get OFFSET long
get SIZE long
filexor "0x37"
filexor ""
next i


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