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Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters (DOS) WORDS.RES

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I'm looking to rip the voice samples from Mario's Early Years for DOS, but couldn't find much information about the The Software Toolworks' "Memory Manager Resource File". The only real info I can find is this old Xentax thread that has a non-functional quickbms script:

https://github.com/PeterZhenhh/XeNTaXBackup/blob/8e36df33366999448d2375b83b2aade325fa408f/markdown/The Software Toolworks V2L and RES files._4107.md?plain=1#L62


I've attached the file in question, in addition to RESOURCE.LST and STRING.LST in case those are important.



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Try this https://github.com/bartlomiejduda/Tools/blob/master/NEW Tools/Mario's Early Years/Marios_Early_Years_RES_script.bms


Here is file format:

// Mario's Early Years
// RES file format

// header
130 bytes (char) - copyright string // "Memory Manager Resource File...Copyright (c) 1990-93 The Software Toolworks, Inc....All rights reserved"
7 bytes (char) - signature + null  // "RICKBO"
6 bytes (char) - version string + null  // "4.1.1"
18 bytes (char) - build string + null  // "v02-23-93 01:45pm"
2 bytes (uint16) - number of entries
17 bytes (char) - directory name  // e.g. "MUSIC" or "HELPTEXT"
2 bytes (uint16) - unknown  // 2
2 bytes (uint16) - unknown  // 124

// index
number_of_files *
   4 bytes (uint32) - file offset
   4 bytes (uint32) - file compressed size
   17 bytes (char) - file name without extension  // e.g. "WORLD1_XMI"
   2 bytes (uint16) - file type  // for types 128, 256, 1344 and 5697 files are NOT compressed

// data
number_of_files *
   if file_compressed:
      4 bytes (uint32) - file uncompressed size
   x bytes - file data

You can even see some image data after extraction:

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