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Help ripping character faces/hair from Baldur's Gate 3?


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Hello there! I'm currently in the process of attempting to rip a few BG3 companion models as well as my own player character's parts for use in blender, but i've run into a bit of an issue with faces/hairs. I'm exporting with the BG3 Modders Multitool and am on the latest version so I'm unsure if this is what's causing the issue but when I export the heads and hairs, the UV maps seem to be broken and completely unworkable. Everything else works fine; bodies, clothes, etc, it's just heads and hair. Is there a process for fixing this? Or another tool recommended for ripping these specific parts? Thank you in advance!

I'm also unsure how to work with the skin/hair/eye textures since they're a bit different than I'm used to but. one problem at a time



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