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(nds) Adventure Time TNOF font


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> I can't find any documents related to TNOF files

Great, then you might be the first adventurer to travel this road and document it for others :). Pertinently though, what have you figured out so far, and what tools have you tried already from here? Any hunches after looking through the file with a hex editor like HxD or 010 Editor? Have you deduced the meaning of any fields in the offset table? (appears to start at 58h, 20 bytes per entry, likely holding the dimensions and base offset of each glyph) What does one of the expected glyphs look like for reference?

There are definitely graphics in there (e.g. the letters h, g, F as 4bpp linear)...

image.png.9d103298575a8a295b73c2488f04ec62.png   image.png.92575a94aa511a3e35be17f585653bb3.png

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Font glyphs vary in size, and so generic graphics viewers with a single image width will not be able to adapt to the varying widths in the table. So typically people write little tools/scripts to export and import custom data formats (some common ones within this community include Noesis and QuickBMS). I would figure out the table field's meanings in a hex editor (HxD is free) first. One of them is surely the glyph width (you will likely see a value of 10 somewhere in that table for the 'F' and 'T') and one is the starting offset of each glyph (presumably the last 4 bytes as uint32, and judging by the increasing color gradient in the picture above, they are increasing order). It is curious to see the letters out of order, as most games just arrange them sequentially 🤔 (" 01234...ABC...abc...").

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